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Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework - Due Tues, Jan 22

1) read first 3 sections of Fighting the Four Freedoms

2) Take notes in notebook; notes will be graded on a four point scale. Notes should show evidence of use of nonfiction text note-taking strategies:

- chunked summaries with titles
- important people
- important events
- important businesses, agencies, organizations and institutions
- numerical/statistical data
- connections to EQ (The Civil Rights Movement-Why Then); connections to other texts (Zinn)

Politics and Government Homework - Due Tues, Jan 22

Read and prepare a case analysis for each:

Van Orden v. Perry, McCreary v. ACLU

Wisconsin v. Yoder

Read and take notes:

Sherbert v. Verner

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Please see me if you are interested in being on the School Leadership Team

Please see me if you are interested in taking the Set Building Class Next Semester 

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Article of Interest

Debate Resolutions for Politics and Government Debate Tournatment Topics

- Each debate will take place before an audience in the auditorium.  Some debates will take place during the school day, others before a family and student audience in the auditorium during the evening.

- By Friday please give me a slip of paper that:

a) lists two people with whom you work well

b) list three topics you prefer ranked from one to three to express your preference

- Keep in mind that everyone cannot get his or her first choice. 


A) "Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance and "In God we trust on our currency are offensive to the first amendment. 

B) Affirmative Action is consistent with the principle of equal opportunity.

C) The right to bear arms is an essential component of ordered liberty.

D) The death penalty is a necessary component of our justice system. 

E) Eminent domain should be invoked to encourage private development of economically disadvantaged communities. 

F) Government should improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged students by facilitating access to parochial schools. 

Politics and Government Homework Due Thurs, Jan 17

Prepare an opinion analysis for Engel v. Vitale

Make sure you prepare one or two questions for discussion.

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework - Due Thurs, Jan 17

1.  Read through page 425 in Zinn.

2. For each term do the following:

a) describe in your own words

b) write a quote from the text about the term

1 - Socialist Workers Party
2 - Smith Act
3 - Attitudes toward Japanese
4 - Air raids/bombings
5 - Hiroshima/Nagasaki
6 - Manhattan Project
7 - Executive Order 9066

3. Answer one of the following questions. Provide one or two quotes from the text to support your answer.

a) Why did the Civil Rights Movement get underway when it did?

b) How was WWII a "war to save capitalism?"

c) How did WWII affect workers and unions?

d) Discuss the U. S.'s role in WWII

4.  Prepare one or two questions for discussion.  

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Democratizing Twentieth Century Homeowrk - Due Wed, Jan 16

Read 407-417 and take notes.  Your notes should not only include data; there should be evidence of thinking and analysis. 

Politics and Government Homework - Due Wed, Jan 16

Read the West Va v. Barnett opinion and prepare an opinion analysis.  Please be prepared to discuss tomorrow.


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Democratizing Twentieth Century - Homework, Due Monday, Jan 14

1) Read the following article. Write a summary in your notebook. Respond to this question: Should the German government ban the selling of Mein Kampf? Why or why not?

2) Study the following maps.  Draw each in your notebook.  

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Democratizing 20th Century America Homework - Due Fri, Jan 11

1) Define each of the following terms. Include parts of speech.


2) Read the following:

WWII - Key People and Key Terms

WWII - The Start of the War 

3) In notebooks, identify each of the following terms using several sentences.

Winston Churchill
Allied Powers
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Adolf Hitler
Nazi Party
Benito Mussolini
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Joseph Stalin
Harry S Truman
Allied Powers
Axis Powers
“Final Solution”
Manhattan Project
Munich Agreement

Politics and Government - Homework Due Fri, Dec 11

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