Friday, January 4, 2008

Questions for Reading Friday 1/4

Answer the following questions based on the reading packet "Transforming Fire: The Civil War 1861-1865", pages 434-451

1-12 due Mon
13-24 due Tues
Your answers should be several sentences and contain evidence from the reading.
When possible, use primary source evidence and statistical/numeric data.

1. How did the War impact the structure and nature of Confederate government?
2. Discuss the War's impact on Southern industry.
3. How did social class impact women's lives during the War?
4. Discuss the impact of the War on the Southern economy.
5. How did class impact the way men experienced the War?
6. At first, why was the War bad for the Northern economy? How did this change?
7. What gains were made by industrial capitalists during the war? (Give three examples)
8. Why do you think Sylvis called the spirit of workers a "feeling of "manly independence?"
9. List some actions taken by Lincoln that demonstrate an increase in presidential power.
10. How did the banking system change during the War?
11. How did class impact the way Northerners experienced the War?
12. Why did both Lincoln and Douglass hesitate to reference slavery when speaking publicly about the War?
13. Who were the Radicals? Discuss their actions.
14. Discuss Lincoln's reply to Horace Greely.
15. Which slaves were exempt from the Emancipation Proclamation?
16. How did Lincoln evolve politically during the War?
17. Discuss emancipation schemes suggested in the South.
18. Discuss the conditions under which soldiers lived. How did these conditions impact the human cost of the War?
19. How did advancements in technology impact the War?
20. What was the "butchers bill?"
21. Discuss the different attitudes held by white soldiers and the government regarding blacks.
22. Discuss the costs of the Chancelorsville victory.
23. Why was Vicksburg such a significant gain for the Union?
24. Why was Gettysburg a significant loss for the South?

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