Monday, November 24, 2014

Democratizing Twentieth Century - Homework - Due Tues, Nov 25

1 - Finish Margaret Sanger Essay.  Title each paragraph, annotate text, and synthesize your ideas in your notebook. Be sure to identify connections to the causes for the Movement for Birth Control. 

2 - Read and Take Notes:

US v. One Package of Japanese Pessaries (1930):
Judge Augustus Hand US Circuit Court of Appeals stops short of declaring the Comstock Laws unconstitutional but orders their liberalizing. This decision was based on contemporary data which found that birth control was not obscene due to the damages unplanned pregnancy and the benefits of contraceptives. This ruling only applies to New York, Connecticut, and Vermont.
United States v. One Package - Significance

United States v. One Package - Comstock's Nemesis

2 -  Read and take notes:



Monday, November 17, 2014

Politics and Government - Homework - Due Tues, Nov 18

Finish reading the Horton essay.  Complete notes and annotations.  Complete the analysis sheet begun in class.

Race and the American Constitution: A Struggle toward National Ideals
--James Horton
1 – Context (provide evidence and analysis to support your answers)
·         What does the Constitution say about slavery directly?
·         What did Dahl suggest regarding slavery and the Constitution?
·         What does Vidal suggest about Jefferson and slavery?

2 – Summarize and analyze the Horton essay. Identify:
·         Important people , events, legislation, organizations, agencies
·         Provide direct evidence
·         Make connections to other texts and the essential question
·         Reflect on what surprised you and what confirmed your prior beliefs/evolving argument

3 – Do some synthesis writing that connects your analysis and notes to the essential question  (refer to chart in classroom) 

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due Tues, Nov 18

Complete your notes and annotations for the Hollingsworth document.  In addition, finish part one of the analysis questions:

Analysis Questions pt 1
·         Select, analyze and interpret a quote that illustrates the time period in the context of imperialism.  What is the connection between child bearing and imperialism?

·         What is the “womanly woman?”  How is she described by McDougall, Jastrow, and the media? Provide evidence to support your answer.

·         How is public opinion used to compel women to bear children?

Discuss, analyze and interpret:
Only abnormal women want no babies. Trenchant criticism of modern life was made by Dr. Max G. Schlapp, internationally known as a neurologist. Dr. Schlapp addressed his remarks to the congregation of the Park Avenue M.E.Church. He said, "The birth rate is falling off. Rich people are the ones who have no children, and the poor have the greatest number of offspring. Any woman who does not desire offspring is abnormal. We have a large number, particularly among the women, who do not want children. Our social society is becoming intensely unstable." [p. 23]
: "We are living in an age when women have pronounced upon themselves a judgment that is dangerous in the highest degree to the development of the population. .... We have the right to do what we will with the life that is in us, say they." [p. 24]”  
Why does Hollingsworth choose to include these exerpts?
·         Discuss the legal provisions used to compel women to bear children.

·         How is the media used to compel women to bear children? Compare the use of media then (early 20th century) and now.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Politics and Government Homework - Due Fri, Nov 7

Read Dahl 74 -76

1) What were the causes of the political divisions that Adams was noticing?

2) Discuss Washington's interaction with the Senate. Why was he annoyed? What was the point of Maclay's action?