Friday, April 30, 2010

Democratizing 20th Century Homework

Read Zinn "The Impossible Victory" pg 213-2231, 469-487Ngo Dinh Diem

Ho Chi Minh
Pentagon Papers
Chiang Kai-shek
President Truman
"domino theory"
memo of National Security Council
Ngo Dinh Diem
National Liberation Front
John Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Gulf of Tonkin
My Lai 4
Tet Offensive

Sunday, April 25, 2010

democratizing terms from zinn

Watts, LA
Urban Riots of 1967
National Advisory Committee on Unrban Disorders Report
Black Power
Black Panthers
Martin Luther King and Vietnam
Martin Luther King and FBI
Black Capitalism

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sorry folks. serious jet lag. this will be due for friday.
Civil War/Recon
Zinn pg 195-210
Identify each term. Consider what Zinn wants you to know, think believe. How does the term connect to the question, "(Why) did Reconstruction fail in the South?
Dr. John Rock
South Carolina Sea Islands
Special Field Order 15
Andrew Johnson
13th, 14th, 15th amendments
Radical Republican Legislation
Andrew Johnson
Election of 1868, numeric breakdown, significance of Negro vote, blacks in congress
Sojouner Truth
Ku Klu Klan
Supreme Court
Election of 1876
Restoration of White Supremacy
Economic changes
Democratizing 20th Century
Zinn pgs 193-206, 452-464
1. Why was the use of Christian themes significant? Discuss.
2. Identify: Robert Williams

3. Greensboro North Carolina

4. Discuss the actions taken by CORE and SNCC to register black voters. Include a quote for each.

5. Identify: Missippi Summer
6. Identify: Malcomn X
7. Discuss the economic differences between blacks and whites. Include numeric data.
8. Select and discuss one quote that illustrates the use of "massive resistance."
9. Discuss Lynodon Johnson and the legislation he signed into law.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Civil War Break Work

Hey folks,

As you know, I am in Egypt this week. I need you to work on some things while I am gone. It is very important that you do this work, if it is incomplete it will be averaged in as a ZERO for your final report card.

1) You MUST finish your films. They are due on April 13 and there are absolutely no exceptions.

2) Look over the the submission requirements for your group's project. Please make sure that your group's folder contains ALL of the requied materials. Anything missing will negatively impact your grade.

3) Using 3 quotes from each of the two Lincoln readings (Lincoln and Abolitionists/Natural, Citizenship and States' Rights), answer the EQ for the unit: Did Lincoln Fight the War to Free the Slaves or Preserve the Union? This should be typed, double spaced and about 3 pages. Work on this in class and type at home. Your paper should have at least 2 arguments and directly quote Lincoln at least twice.

4) If you finidh early, Read Zinn, "Slavery Without Submission, Emancipation without Freedom" Select any ten quotes and discuss their significance. Our last unit will be on Reconstruction and this chapter sets a nice context.

Democratizing Break Work

Hey folks,

I hope everyone enjoyed his or her break. As you know, I am in Egypt next week. I have left a list of terms for you to identify with the sub. The terms are based on the introduction from Goss's "Movements of the New Left." You MUST complete the reading and terms by the time I get back. No excuses will be accepted.

If you haven't read the introduction yet, please do so. Identify the terms NEATLY in your notebooks and I will check them when I get back. This reading is crucial; you must reference it in your final paper/presentation.

If you finish early (I doubt you will) please finish Zinn's "Or Does it Explode."

You all will have had virtually two weeks off from school, and you may not play around when I am out. I will be quite disappointed if my room is trashed and none of you have completed the work when I get back. Incomplete assignments will be counted as a ZERO test grade.

See you soon. Miss ya!