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Civil War + Reconstruction - Final Review Terms

Please make sure you are famaliar with the following terms for tomorrow's test. You should be able to dicuss each of them using several setences as well as the historical significance.

You are allowed an 8 x 11 study guide (You can use both sides)

Copeland's midterm starts at 9am tomorrow, make sure you are here 15 minutes in advance so you can figure out your room assignments and get settled in.

- Law & Order Group
- Fredrick Douglass
- Eli Whitney
- Jefferson Davis
- Andrew Jackson
- Daniel Webster
- The "Associates"
- Renters Strike / Anti-Rent Movement
- Dorr's Rebellion
- Flour Riot of 1837
- Kensington Riots
- Economic Crisis of 1857
- Lowell Strike (1836)
- Working Class Consciousness
- Lynn, MA Strike (1857)
- Cotton Boom
- Westward Expansion (impact on Native Americans)
- Mexican War; impact of the Nullification Crisis
- Compromise of 1850
- Married Woman's Property Act
- Wilmot Proviso
- Force Act

- Map of the USA in 1840
- Mexican Cession
- Oregon Territory
- Sante Fe, New Mexico
- St.Louis, MO
- New York, NY
- Charleston, South Carolina
- Appalachian Mountains
- New Orleans, Lousiana
- Whig party

- Market economy / Commerical economy
- Race and Class in the North and South
- Role of women in the North and South
- Patroonship system
- Differences between upper South
- Jacksonian Democracy
- Cottom Boom

- Slump
- Panic
- Industrialization ; it's impact on North and South
- Immigration
- Urbanization ; impact in theh North and South
- Suffrage
- Manifest Destiny
- Annexation
- Northern / Southern Congressional Balance
- Free Labor / Slave Labor
- Nullification
- Commercial Economy
- Abraham Lincoln and his views on Slavery
- Dredd Scott
- Political / Economical ideological spectrum
- Fredrick Douglass (Slave Narrative & documentary watched in class)
- Be able to identify Union and Confederate States given a map, as well as a present day map.

Democratizing 20th Century Review Terms

Women’s Suffrage Movement
Alice Paul
Seneca Falls
Carrie Chapman Catt
16, 17, 18, 19th amendments
Federal/State gov’t
Progressive era
Settlement houses, Jane Adams
Unions, AFL, IWW
Samuel Gompers
Eugene Debs
Schenk v. U. S.
Conscription act
Ema Goldman
Helen Keller
WWI, Allies, Central Powers, basic geography of War
Woodrow Wilson, 14pts , Treaty of Versailles
Spanish American War
Adam Smith
Lowell, MA
1920s, economy of
Margaret Sanger/Birth Control Movement
Anthony Comstock
Griswold v. Connecticut
Roe v. Wade
Planned Parenthood v. Casey
14th amendment
New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt
Herbert Hoover
Dust Bowl
Great Depression
Motherhood, types of
WWI Bonus Army
Sacco and Vanzetti
Palmer Raids
Red Scare’
Bolshevik Revolution
J. D. Rockefeller
Andrew Carnegie
Henry Ford
W. E. B. DuBois
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Mellon Plan
Triangle Shirtwaist Strike
Seattle General Strike
Gov't, Economic Systems

Zinn-Socialist Challenge, War is the Health, Self Help in Hard Times
Battle for Suffrage, Birth Control Packet, Who Built America
Class Notes

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Links to Cliff Notes and Spark Notes

Obvioulsy these are not to be used as a sustitute for the reading.



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Civil War and Reconstruction Homework

1) Is it fair to call Garrison paternalistic? Why or why not? (Answer should be a paragraph supported with evidence from the essay)

2) Read chapters 1-3 and complete a triple entry journal (six quotes):

column A- quote

column B- what does Douglass want you to know, think, believe?

column C- reflection - How does this connect to our E. Q? What most suprised, inspired or shocked you about this quote? How does this connect to another book you have read? Are you noticing any themes?

Link to Frederick Douglass' Narrative


Democratizing 20th Century Debate Makeup Assignment

For all students who were absent for their debate (EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED):

You must write a paper that:

a) answers the questions - Why then? Why did the birth control movement get underway when it did? What gains were won? What gains were sought but not won? What limited the movement's achievement?

b) includes evidence from the Birth Control Packet, War is the Health of the State, The Socialist Challenge, "I Resloved that Women Should....", Who Built America

c) include at least 5 quotes, including primary sources and secondary sources

d) demonstrate an understanding of the Birth Control unit

e) contain a clear thesis with at least two supporting arguments

f) be at least 4 pages