Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Democratizing 20th Century America Thanksgiving Break Assignment

Read Zinn: "Or Does it Explode?" 199-212

1. Divide several pages in your notebook into three (3) columns: A, B, C.

2. Label each column. A: Key Terms/Concepts B: Quote C: Connections/Significance

3. For each column, consider the following questions:

A: What does Zinn want you to know, think and believe about this term?
B: What evidence can you provide to prove column A?
C: How might this term help you answer the questions: Why then? Why did the Black Power Movement get underway when it did? What gains were won? What gains were sought, but not won? If the goals were only partially achieved, what limited their attainment?

4. Please compose 3-4 thought provoking questions for class discussion.


Arthur Sschlesinger: A Thousand Days
unemployment, poverty rates whites/blacks
Lyndon Johnson
Watts, Los Angeles
black migration to the North
Julius Lester
urban riots, 1967
National Advisory Committee on Urban Disorders
"Black Power Movement"
Black Panthers
Civil Rights Rights Act 1968
Vietnam War
King, FBI
"black capitalism"
black middles class

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Democratizing 20th Century America Homework Novemember 9, 2008

You will need your Howard Zinn Packet: "Or Does it Explode"

On page 189 you will find an excerpt from Truman's Committee on Civil Rights.

Please analyze the quote using the Primary Source Organizer

Heading: Truman's Committee on Civil Rights Recommendations

P. O. V:Who is the intended audience?
What does the author want you to know, think, believe?

Evidence:List some key words and define them in the context of the document.

Connections:What does this document tell you about the time period?
What is an event that may have caused this document to be written?
How does this document help answer the essential question: Why then? Why did the Civil Rights Movement get underway when it did? What gains were won?

What thoughts and questions do you have about this reading?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Review Sheet for Democratizing 20th Century American Exam: Friday Nov 7

(I might have forgotten one or two. Have fun!)

Open Door Policy
Atlantic Charter
Executive Order 9066
Cold War
Manhattan Project
ideological realignment
Red Scare
GI Bill
Korean War
Warsaw Pact
Brown v. Bd of Ed
Civil Rights Movement
Emmet Till
Rosa Parks
E. D. Nixon
Women and the Civil Rights Movement
James Meredith
Massive Resistance
Smith Act
southern blacks and the communist party
Truman's Committee on Civil Rights
use of Federal Courts
Greensboro, NC
CORE/Freedom Rides
John Kennedy and blacks
Mississippi Summer
Executive Order 9835
World Events regarding communism
Anti Colonialism in Africa
Joseph McCarthy
Anti-Communism in the U. S.
Internal Security Act
Julius/Ethel Rosenberg
House Un-American Activities Committee
U. S. military expenditures
Fidel Castro/ Bay of Pigs Invasion
U. S. military campaign in Pacific/bombings
U. S. Strategic Bombing Survey
Manhattan Project
Role of U. S. in post war world**
Role of Soviet Union in post war world
Truman Doctrine**
Red Scare***
communism in China
Korean War
Joseph McCarthy**
Truman's executive order on loyalty
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bill of Rights 1789-Present Review Sheet for Exam on Nov 7

“power of the purse”
Electoral College
Constitutional Convention of 1787
separation of powers
John Locke
Declaration of Independence
checks and balances
amending process
House of Representatives
Articles of Confederation
Bill of Rights
Whiskey Rebellion
Shays’ Rebellion
New Jersey Plan
Virginia Plan
Connecticut Compromise
George Washington
James Madison
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
Executive, legislative, judicial branches (major powers of each)
Framers of the Constitution
States rights/state sovereignty

Readings: packet, A People a Nation packet, Zinn: A Kind of Revolution, class notes