Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Democratizing 20th Century America - Break Assignment

During the break you will read about the 1920s and the Great Depression as discussed by Howard Zinn. You will read the end of "War is the Health of the State (pgs 368-376)" and the entire chapter "Self Help in Hard Times (pgs 377-406)."

In our next two units we will investigate the Labor Movement and the Civil Rights Movement. As you read I would like you to consider the questions: Why then? Why did the Labor Movement get underway when it did?

Assignment: After reading, I would like you to identify the following terms. You should draw a three column chart. Label as follows.

Column A - Point of View (What does Zinn want you to know, think and believe about this?)

Column B - Evidence (Quote the text)

Column C - Connections/Significance/Discussion (Why is this term important? How does this connect to the Labor Movement? How does this help you answer or begin to answer the EQ "why then"?)

War is the Health of the State (369-376, start at "About nine hundred people went to jail under the Espionage Act...)"

Espionage Act
American Protective League
Green Corn Rebellion
Jeanette Rankin
Kate Richards O'Hare
IWW Trials
Palmer Raids
Sacco and Vanzetti

Self Help for Hard Times

Seattle General Strike
Establishment's Reaction to the Seattle Strike
Excerpt from The Nation
Immigration and Labor/Strikes/Strike Breaking
U. S. Policy Toward Immigrants during the 1920s
Marcus Garvey
Distribution of Wealth During the 1920s
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Sinclair Lewis
Fiorello La Guardia
National Textile Workers Union
Stock Market Crash 1929
Grapes of Wrath
WWI Bonus Army
Role of the Communist Party During the Depression
Wagner-Connery Bill/Wagner Act
Organized Labor in the South
Hosea Hudson
sit down strikes
John Lewis/CIO
Economic changes brought by the New Deal
New Deal and African Americans

Monday, December 21, 2009

Democratizing 20th Century Debate Guidelines

Please use these guidelines to write your speeches. Your speeches must:

-state the resolution

-contain definitions of the key terms

-clearly state the team's point of view

-discuss at least one value and argument

-contain 3 types evidence that supports your argument (primary, secondary, numeric/statistical)

-contain evidence from reputable sources

-be persuasive

-demonstrate an that you have an understanding of the historical context of your topic

-make connections between the debate and the Democracy and Equality for women unit
-must conform to grammar standards

Your speech presenation must:

-demonstrate that you understand the content of your speech

-demonstrate that the speech has been practiced

-make eye contact with audience

-must directly clash with the values and arguments of opponents

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Democratizing 20th Century Debate Pairings

Tuesday, December 22

Resolution A)

Affirmative: Kaitie, Rigel, Raven
Negative: Luz, Shirley, Javon

Affirmative: Ali, Christina C., Jon
Negative: Jason, Daury, Lina

Tuesday, Jan 5

Resolution B)

Affirmative: Ariel, Megumi, Marshall
Negative: Nikki, Naima, Nia

Melanie, Cecil, Haley
Negative: Corey, Olivia, Eric

Wednesday, January 6

Resolution A)

Affirmative: Elon, David, Massiel (Graciela)
Negative: Gilbert, Paris, Leticia (Evelyn)

Affirmative: Chris Mc, Tamiko, Arisa
Negative: Julie, Mara, Alwyn

Affirmative: Yasmine, Yukki, Sage
Negative: Jason, Daury, Lina

Friday, Jan 8

Resolution A)

Affirmative: Itzel, Christina, Lauren (Christina S.)
Negative: Luz, Shirley, Javon

Debate Flow/Order of Speakers

1- First Affirmative Constructive (4 min)

2- Negative Cross Ex/First Affirmative Constructive (2 min)

3- First Negative Constructive (4 min)

4- Affirmative Cross Ex/First Negative Constructive (2 min)

5- Second Affirmative Constructive (4 min)

6- Negative Cross Ex/Second Affirmative Constructive (2 min)

7- Second Negative Constructive (4 min)

8- Affirmative Cross Ex/Second Negative Constructive

9- Closing Speech by Negative Cross Ex

10- Closing Speech by Affirmative Cross Ex

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Democratizing 20th Century - Quiz Monday, December 14th

-Quiz Monday on Women's Suffrage and Birth Control Movements

-Quiz will cover class notes, Zinn (Socialist Challenge, War is Health of State), Battle for Suffrage, Birth Control Packet

-Multiple choice, matching, short answer

Civil War and Reconstruction Quiz Monday, December 14

-Quiz Monday on the Northern and Southern economies

-Quiz will cover class notes, Zinn (Other Civil War) and Slavery and the Growth of the South

-Multiple choice, matching, short answer

Democratizing 20th Century - Some Possible Values

Resolution A: That unrestricted abortion access is an essential component of women's reproductive rights.

Aff: reproductive freedom, personal liberty/sexual freedom, right to privacy, promotion of public health and wellbeing

Neg: sanctity of the unborn, chastity/sexual restraint, promotion of public health and wellbeing

Resolution B: That comprehensive sex education should be compulsory in public schools.

Aff: public health/wellbeing, freedom of inquiry

Neg: parental liberty, chastity/sexual restraint, free exercise of religion

Democratizing 20th Century - Some Possible Resources for Debate

Relevant Cases
















Online Publications and Magazines












Miscellaneous Articles







Democratizing 20th Century Debate Resolutions

A) That unrestricted access to abortion is an essential component of women's reproductive rights.

B) That comprehensive sex education should be compulsory in public schools.

civil war/immigration charts

charts should include the following:
each should be supported with a quote
*** need three quotes

a) immigrant group
b) push/pull factors
c) destination
d) economics: work experiences/jobs/working conditions***
e) cultural: social/religious/political experiences in U. S.***