Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Turn to Right HW 5-7-08

Use the Reagan Years Packet to answer the following questions.

1. Discuss the election of 1984? Why do you think that Reagan won such a resounding victory?

2. Discuss the policy differences between Reagan and Mondale.

3. Why do you think people called Reagan the "teflon president" and the "Great Communicator?"

4. Discuss the Iran-Contra affair. What do you think it revealed about Reagan's presidency?

5. Discuss the critiques of Reagan's fiscal policies. Include a quote from the text.

6. Discuss the impact of Reagan's fiscal policies on blacks and Latinos.

7. Discuss the evolution/transformation of jobs during the Reagan era.

8. Who was Robert Bork?

9. Discuss Reagan's meeting Gorbechev.

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Reagan-Mondale presidential debate 1984