Friday, June 6, 2008

Turn to the Right - Final Paper

School of the Future
History, J. Copeland

Turn to the Right: The Rise of Reagan and Movement and Conservatism

Final Response Essay


Write an essay (min 4 pages double spaced) that answers the following question:

Discuss Ronald Reagan’s conservative philosophy. Was he more of a social/cultural conservative, a nationalist/pro-military conservative, a libertarian conservative or a fiscal/corporate conservative?

Your essay should be absolutely no less than 4 pages (5 would be more appropriate). It should include the following:

a) a clear and contentious thesis, supported by logical arguments
b) logical arguments supported by evidence (both paraphrased and directly quoted)
c) evidence from Reagan’s Realignment of White Southerners (Black and Black)
d) evidence from Reagan Years (Chaffe)
e) evidence from Lee Edwards lecture
f) evidence from Carter-Reagan-Bush: The Bipartisan Consensus (Zinn)
g) evidence from The Presidents: Reagan (PBS)
h) evidence from one outside source


Your essay should also:

a) be thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar errors
• Read the paper aloud to yourself or a friend at least once before submitting
b) include transitional phrases to link paragraphs and different ideas
c) include an introduction that engages the reader and contextualizes the discussion
d) include a conclusion that summarizes your central argument
e) illustrate the significance of the topic
f) not make me want to shoot myself

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