Sunday, November 9, 2008

Democratizing 20th Century America Homework Novemember 9, 2008

You will need your Howard Zinn Packet: "Or Does it Explode"

On page 189 you will find an excerpt from Truman's Committee on Civil Rights.

Please analyze the quote using the Primary Source Organizer

Heading: Truman's Committee on Civil Rights Recommendations

P. O. V:Who is the intended audience?
What does the author want you to know, think, believe?

Evidence:List some key words and define them in the context of the document.

Connections:What does this document tell you about the time period?
What is an event that may have caused this document to be written?
How does this document help answer the essential question: Why then? Why did the Civil Rights Movement get underway when it did? What gains were won?

What thoughts and questions do you have about this reading?

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