Sunday, April 5, 2009

Democratizing 20th Century Review Sheet

Contemporary Puerto Rico:

New Deal/Depression
Monroe Doctrine
Pedro Albizo Campos
Puerto Rican Young Lords
Nationalist Party
U. S. Intervention in Latin America
Foraker Act
Jones Act
Puerto Rican economy
Puerto Rican economic relationship w/U. S.
labor unions/labor movement
Progressive Era
Puerto Rican Statehood
Operation Bootstrap
Luis Munoz/PPD
Puerto Rican Constitution
Puerto Rican Federal Relations Act
Puerto Rico post establishment of commonwealth status

Zinn and Goss:

Women's Liberation
Red Power
Alcatraz Island
New Right
Roe v. Wade
Betty Friedan
Poor Black Woman
Our Bodies, Ourselves
Election of 1968
Civil Rights Act 1964/Title VII, Voting Rights Act 1965, Civil Rights Act 1968
“Consciousness Raising”
Prison uprisings 1970s

Newsweek, Who We are Now

Lyndon Johnson
Nationality Act
Richard Nixon’s silent majority
Jamestown, Virginia 1619
Waves of U. S. immigration
impact of Marshall Plan on immigration
Henry Cabot Lodge
McCarran-Walter Act

Also review notes of class lectures.

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