Thursday, September 17, 2009

Due Tuesday, Sept 29: Personal Political Framework Essay

Personal Political Framework Reflection

We have spent the first few weeks talking about different political ideologies. I want you to start thinking about where you stand on the political-economic ideological spectrum. How would you vote if you could? Why? What would your political party look like if you started one on your own?

Respond to the following:

Do you lean left, right or center? Why? What do you believe about rights, economics and society?

Discuss a political ideology that you favor.

For this assignment you must write an essay that:

a) Contains a clear point of view and explicitly uses evidence to defend your ideological stance.
b) Demonstrates your knowledge of the political-economic ideological spectrum and basic understanding of the terms “left” and “right.”
c) Demonstrates your understanding of political and economic systems.
d) Includes at least 5 quotes from the documents you received in class, including at least 1 significant quote from a party platform.
e) Includes at least 2 quotes from an article you found that discusses your point of view
f) Is nuanced. Evidence should be mixed and not all come from the same document. You should have more than one argument.
g) Demonstrates critical thinking; raises and answers questions.
h) Conforms to grammar standards.
i) Is interesting to read and well written.
j) Is 3 pages, typed, double-spaced 12 pt font

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