Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Civ/Recon Homework

Read: Allies for Emancipation Sec I.
1. What was Lincoln's position on the Mexican War?
2. Select two quotes (one may be just a word or two) in which Lincoln discusses slavery in the first part of the section. How does he compare against other abolitions we have studied like Garrison or Douglass? Explain.
3. Discuss Lincoln's use of black women in his discussion of negro citizenship.
4. What was Lincoln's overall position on negro citizenship before the war?
I posted the vocab as a comment. For some reason I can paste here.

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J Copeland said...


belittled- to minimize, dismiss
benevolently-desire to help others
contravened- to oppose
egregiously-extraordinary in a some bad way
enumerated-to name one by one
immediatism-policy for the immediate abolition of slavery
incorrigible-bad beyond reform
nebulous-vague, confused
perpetuity-endless; indefinite
repudiate-to reject with denial
staunchest-firm in principle
unprecedented-never before known