Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Democratizing Twentieth America

Read Zinn Chap 15 pg 377-387

In our next two units we will investigate the Labor Movement and the Civil Rights Movement. As you read I would like you to consider the questions: Why then? Why did the Labor Movement get underway when it did?

Assignment: After reading, I would like you to identify the following terms. You should draw a three column chart. Label as follows.

Column A - Point of View (What does Zinn want you to know, think and believe about this?)

Column B - Evidence (Quote the text)

Column C - Connections/Significance/Discussion (Why is this term important? How does this connect to the Labor Movement? How does this help you answer or begin to answer the EQ "why then"?)

Seattle General Strike
Establishment's Reaction to the Seattle Strike
Excerpt from The Nation
Immigration and Labor/Strikes/Strike Breaking
U. S. Policy Toward Immigrants during the 1920s
Marcus Garvey
Distribution of Wealth During the 1920s
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Sinclair Lewis
Fiorello La Guardia

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