Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework - Due Monday May 2

Read Goss pgs 1-38

You must create an analysis table for each of the following terms. You may split this work up among the member of your group, but all of you must complete the reading.

Students for a Democratic Society
Free Speech Movement
Women's Strike for Peace
Limited Test Ban Treaty
Fidel Castro
Betty Friedan
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
Mattachine Society/Daughters of Bilitus
Liberal Consensus
Eugene McCarthy
National Liberation Front
National Organization for Women
Stockley Carmichael
George Wallace
George McGovern
Black Panthers
Red Power
Alcatraz/Wounded Knee
Cesar Chavez
Puerto Ricans
Chicano Student Movement
Asian Americans
Rqual Rights Amendment
Mary Tyler Moore Show
Stonewall Uprising
Gay Rights Movement (consider GLF, Advocate, Toklas Democratic Club)
Sexism w/in Gay Rights Movement
Weathermen Underground
New Right

**You may combine some of these terms if appropriate

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