Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Politics and Government - some terms to review and know for midterm exam

Remember, it's not enough to just memorize the meanings of these terms. You will be presented with questions that require you to apply your knowledge and understanding.

Essay topics

a) The Constitutional Framers' understanding and feelings about democracy and equality

b) The Structure and nature of the Supreme Court

c) Political disagreements between Federalists and Republicans

intolerable acts
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
“power of the purse”
Electoral College
Constitutional Convention of 1787
sepAration of powers
John Locke
Declaration of Independence
checks and balances
House of Representatives
Articles of Confederation
Bill of Rights
Whiskey Rebellion
Shays’ Rebellion
New Jersey Plan
Virginia Plan
Connecticut Compromise
Margaret Thatcher
Huey Long
George Washington
James Madison
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Paine
Executive, legislative, judicial branches (major powers of each)
Framers of the Constitution
States rights/state sovereignty
Earl Warren/Major Justices
14th amendment
Bill of Rights
due process
equal protection
civil liberties
judicial review
XYZ Affair
Whiskey Rebellion
Alien and Sedition Acts
Hamilton's Financial Plan
Jay's Treaty
Marbury v Madison
McCollough v Maryland
Barron v Baltimore
Earls v Bd of Ed
Dred Scott Decision
Slaughterhouse Cases
Schenk v U.S.
Gitlow v NY
Rochin v California
Pierce v Society of Sisters
police power
Writ of Certiorari
Checks and Balances
Ben Franklin
Political/Cultural/Economic Spectrum
Missouri Compromise
Reconstruction Amendments
overlapping jurisdiction
double jeopardy
change of venue


Inventing a Nation
-Major Characters
-Major Events
-Vidal's perspective and analysis

Supremes' Greatest Hits (Introduction)

A Kind of Revolution (Howard Zinn)

-Major Characters
-Major Events
-Zinn's perspective and analysis

Democracy and the Constitution

Civil Rights: Justice Under the Law

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