Thursday, October 11, 2012

Politics and Government Homework - Due Monday, Oct 15

Did the Constitution's Framers intend to create a revolutionary and democratic government? 

1)  Read the following essay and take notes.  Notes will be graded on a 4 pt scale.

The Anti-federalists: The Other Founders of the American Tradition? 
(You will need to click where it says read full essay)

2)  Read chapter 3 in Dahl and take notes.  Also, in a paragraph or two, explain how the structure and nature of the U. S.'s government differs from those of other democracies.   Does Dahl seem to suggest that one model is better?  Explain.  Include quotes from the text to support your answer.

3) Finish reading the excerpt from How Democratic is the Constitution by Gordon Wood and take notes.  Notes will be graded on a 4 pt scale.  

4) DUE TUESDAY -- Read pgs 43-53 in Vidal and take notes.  Your notes should track the important characters and events, and make connections to the Essential Question.  Moreover you should consider:

-comparison of Britain and the United States
-Franklin's prediction
-roots of the American Party System
-differing opinions about government
-property and democracy

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