Thursday, November 8, 2012

Politics and Government - Homework Due Friday, Nov 9

Answer the following questions.  Use Vidal Chapter 4 and your notes.  Each answer should be supported by at least one quote from the text.

1 - Discuss the conflict between Adams and Hamilton as members of Washington's cabinet.

2 - Discuss Adams's role as president of the Senate (use his speech to the Senate on page 69)

3 - Discuss Hamilton's role in the new government.  How does Vidal characterize this role?

4 - Discuss the developing political factions as noticed by Adams.

5 - Washington's first interaction with the Senate.  How does it illustrate the concept of checks and balances?

6 - How does Jefferson feel about the Secretary of State position?

7 - Discuss the role of slavery in Jefferson's life.

8 - Discuss Maclay's characterization of Jefferson.

9 - Discuss Madison's counter proposal to Hamilton's financial plan.  Can it be argued that Madison's counter proposal was more democratic?

10 - How do the different foreign policy positions illustrate the characters' feelings about democracy?

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