Friday, December 20, 2013

Politics and Government Homework - Due, Thurs Jan 2

1) Read and take notes: The U.S. Bill of Rights 

2) Read and prepare a case analysis: McCulloch v. Maryland 

3) Read and take notes: The Dred Scott's Fight for Freedom

4) Read and take notes: The Dred Scott Case 

5) Read and prepare an opinion analysisThe Supreme Court Decision - Dred Scott 

6) Read and take notes: The Reconstruction Amendments 

7) Read and prepare a case analysis: The Slaughterhouse Cases (Oyez) The Slaughterhouse Cases 

How to prepare a case analysis:

1) Consider and note the facts of the case
2) Consider and note the constitutional question(s)
3) Consider and note the court's decision and reasoning/rationale

How to prepare an opinion analysis:

In this unit you will read and analyze both majority and dissenting SCOTUS opinions.

How to prepare an opinion analysis: 

1) Skim the opinion first to identify and unfamiliar vocabulary words.  Look them up and make a list of new words and definitions.

2) Read in chunks, a few paragraphs at at time.  After each chunk, summarize in your notebook.

3) Note the central ideas:
a) What does the text say directly?
b) What is hinted at in the text?
c) What is left ambiguous?
d) How does this relate to the essential question: How has the court been used to promote and/or inhibit liberty?

4) Consider the time period in which the opinion was written and its impact on the justices.

5) How does this connect to or remind you of other texts?

6) Consider the ideologies of the judges.  Is this a liberal, moderate, or a conservative ruling?  How can you tell?

7) What evidence can you select from the text to support your analysis?

8) Do you agree with the court's decision?  Why or why not?  Why is this case significant?

**Opinion analyses should be no less than 2 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 pt font.  Use a format that works best for you, but it's best to set up in the format of a mini-essay.

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