Monday, September 22, 2014

Politics and Government Homework - Due Tues, Sept 23

Read up to page 253, answer the following questions:

Politics and Government, J Copeland
Did the Framers intend to create a revolutionary and democratic government?
1 – List the groups that made up the Revolutionary coalition. Why might it be difficult to maintain such a coalition?
2 – How are republicanism and monarchy different?
3 – Who is Thomas Paine and why is he significant?
4 – Describe Pennsylvania’s 1776 constitution. Was it democratic? Why or why not?
5 – Who were the Green Mountain Boys? Why were they significant?
6 – In what ways did the colonies become more democratic after the war? Provide specific evidence from the text.
7 – Why does Adams believe the legislature should consist of two houses? Do you agree? Explain.
8 – Compare Paine’s and Adams’s views of republicanism.
9 – How did the constitutions of NY, VA, and MD differ from the constitution of PA?
Text to text connections:
How does this text compare to A Kind of Revolution? What about this text confirms arguments made by Zinn? What about this text challenges his arguments? Be sure to provide evidence from both texts to support your comparison.
Building your claim:
Create a yes/no chart based on this text.  

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