Saturday, November 7, 2015

Politics and Government Homework - Due - Thurs, Nov 12

Dahl 99 - 119
·         What are the two types of constitutional systems Dahl presents? How are they different? What are the pros and cons of each system? Which is more democratic? Why/How?
·         Identify: Arend Lijphart
·         Why are proportional governments called consensus governments?
·         What are the four major groups in the Netherlands?  In what ways are these groups divided? How did the Netherlands resolve these divisions? What is the present status of the Dutch government?
·         Discuss the cultural divisions in Switzerland
·         Why is 1917 considered the point of democratization Switzerland?

·         Discuss and summarize the findings on the 1990 survey of citizens.  How do you think the U.S. would have placed in such a survey?  Explain
       Why do the Dutch, Swiss, and Swedes prefer proportionality?
       Discuss and summarize the 1990 survey of citizens' views.  How do you think the U.S. would have placed in the survey? Why?
       Explain how/why the compositions of the three majorities in the U.S. Constitutional system differ from one another.
       What is divided government?
       In what ways is the president a blend of a monarch and a prime minister.
       How has the presidency evolved?  How have opinion polls impacted this evolution?
       Discuss citizens' expectations of the president in the American system.  Are these expectations appropriate?  Realistic?  Explain.
       What impact do you think population has on democratic effectiveness?
       What impact do you think diversity has on democratic effectiveness?

       Discuss the democratic effectiveness in the U.S. relative to other democracies.  

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