Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Democratizing Twentieth Century - Homework - Due Wed, Jan 20

1 - Review Chapter 15 in Zinn. Make sure you have read the entire chapter and answered all questions previously assigned.

2 - Read Labor Democratizes America packet, pages 425 - 434 (up to Roosevelt Landslide)

Take notes that reflect the following:

  • Central Ideas
  • Significant people, organizations, institutions, and groups
  • Significant places, nations, states, cities, and other locations; geography
  • Significant events, wars, conflicts, uprisings, rebellions, demonstrations, court decisions, legislation passed, or other acts of government, business, or labor
  • Significant numerical or statistical data
  • Connections to: Labor Movement - Why then? What gains were won? What gains were sough but not won? 

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