Friday, February 12, 2016

Democratizing Twentieth Cemtury America - Homework - Due - Monday, Feb 22

Answer each of the following questions. Provide one or two quotes from the text to support your answer.

1) What evidence does Zinn provide to suggest WWII was about imperialism?

2) Discuss the foreign policy stance taken by the U.S. prior to the invasion of Pearl Harbor.

3) How was WWII a "war to save capitalism?"

4) How did WWII affect workers and unions?

5) What was the Truman Doctrine? Why was the Greek Civil War significant in the context of this doctrine?

6) Discuss the Chinese Civil War. 

7) Discuss the Korean War.

8) Identify: Executive Order 9835

9) What world events helped to foment anti-communist hysteria at home?

10) Discuss the impact of anti-communist hysteria on domestic policy. Identify: Joseph McCarthy

11) Identify: Internal Security Act

12) Discuss the Rosenberg case. In what way does this case illustrate Cold War anti-communist hysteria?

13) How did liberals respond to anti-communist hysteria?

14) How did anti-communist hysteria manifest itself in popular culture?

15) Discuss the development of the military industrial complex.

16) Discuss the purpose and significance of the Marshall Plan.

17) Discuss U.S. intervention Iran, Guatemala, and Lebanon.

18) Discuss both pre and post revolutionary relationship between Cuba and the United States. Discuss the relationship between Cuba and the Soviet Union.

19) Discuss Zinn's characterization of JFK.

20) Historical synthesis: Based on what you've read, what was the Cold War consensus?

 21) Historical synthesis: How can it be argued that WWII was a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement?

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