Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Politics and Government - Homework - Due - Thurs, April 7

How has the court been used to expand and/or inhibit liberty?

Focus: Discrimination, LGBT Rights, Freedom of Expressive Association 

Legal Provision: 14th amendment, Colorado-Amendment 2, NJ Public Accommodations Law


  • What type of judicial review should be applied to cases involving statutes that discriminate against members of LGBT community? Why? Which did the court apply and why? 
  • How does language in Romer reflect the time period in which it was written? 
  • How does Scalia's opinion keep in line w/his judicial philosophy? Why does he disagree with the majority's conclusion? 
  • How does Scalia's opinion impact your opinion of him as a justice? 
You should have at least two pages of writing, and your answers should demonstrate that you read both the majority and dissenting opinion. 

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