Saturday, February 23, 2008

Democratizing 20th Century America - Break Assignment

School of the Future
History, J. Copeland

Answer the following questions (Zinn chaps 2-3 in blue book, 13, 14 in red book)

1. Is the title “One Big Union” appropriate when used in reference to the IWW? Why,
2. +why not?
3. What was the percent increase of women office workers from 1870-1900?
4. Discuss several of the discriminatory practices used against women workers.
5. Pick any four of the “Rules for Female Teachers.” How do you think each rule was rationalized?
6. Select and discuss an excerpt from Mother Mary Jones’s description of the conditions in the Milwaukee Brewery.
7. What was the percent increase in woman members of the Socialist Party between 19 04-1913?
8. Discuss the role of Socialists in the feminist movement.
9. Identify: Bill Haywood, Socialist Woman,

B) Create a chart to identify the following terms found in Zinn and the Suffrage handout.

Jane Addams
Kate Richards O’Hare
Ida Tarbell
Women and socialism
Mother Mary Jones ***
Mary Elizabeth Lease
Helen Keller
Emma Goldman
Eugene Debs ***
Socialism ***
AFL/Samuel Gompers ***
Susan B. Anthony
Margaret Sanger
IWW **
International Ladies Garment-workers Unions
W. E. B. Dubois ***
Booker T. Washington
Theodore Roosevelt/progressivism ***
Pujo Committee
National Civic Federation
Ludlow Massacre
United Mine Workers Union
James Wadswoth
General Douglass Haig
William Jennings Bryant
J. P. Morgan
Committee on Public Information
Espionage Act
Charles Schenck
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Green Corn Rebellion
The Masses
the draft
Sacco and Vanzetti


Chapter 3:
Select and analyze 2 quotes that illustrate each of the following concepts:

militarism, industrialism, secret alliances, imperialism

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