Sunday, March 2, 2008

Democratizing 20th Century America Homework 2/29-3/3

Howard Zinn: pgs 62-76 (blue book)
(I don’t have a copy of the red book. It should be about the last 10-12 pages of the chapter: Socialist Challenge)

Include a quote from the text to support each answer.

1. Discuss the role women played organizing children and workers.

2. How did race limit African Americans’ ability to participate in organized labor? What steps did blacks take to try to attain racial equality?

3. Discuss the gains made by immigrants during the Progressive period.

4. Conventional wisdom (ideas generally accepted as true by the public) says that the Progressive period was a time of increased democratization and opportunity for the average American. Zinn seems to be challenging this notion. What evidence does he provide to suggest that the “Progressive Era” was not very progressive? Explain.

5. Discuss the labor uprising led by the IWW in Colorado. What role did women play in the strike? What role did the state and Federal governments play?

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