Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Turn to the Right 4-02-08

Read Reagan's Realignment of White Southerners pg: 221-237

Use evidence from the text to support each of your answers.

1. The authors draw a distinction between realignment and de-alignment of voters. What is the difference?

2. Which voters were realigned? De-aligned?

3. Discuss the policy preferences of Southern conservative voters.

4. Explain the difference between white moderate voters and white conservative voters.

5. Discuss the role of the Religious Right in the Republican party. Discuss the various reactions of Republicans to the Religious Right.

6. Discuss the impact of Newt Gingrich on the Republican Party.

7. Was Bill Clinton successful in dismantling the Republican coalition? Explain your answer.

8. Discuss the difference between the metropolitan and rural wings of the Republican party.

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