Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Turn to the Right 4-08-08 Homework

Read Zinn (Blue Book, Chap 10, 329-343), (Red Book, Chap 21, 563-574)

Answer the following questions. As always, USE EVIDENCE FROM THE TEXT TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWERS!

1. Discuss Hofstader's characterization of the two party system. What evidence does Zinn provide to support this characterization?

2. Why had the U. S. public become so complacent by the 1970s?

3. Who do you think Zinn is talking about when he says "the Establishment?" Why?

4. In which ways does Zinn characterize Carter as a group of contradictions?

5. In which ways does Carter co-opt the 1960s radicals?

6. Discuss Carter's foreign policy. Does it vary significantly with the policies espoused by conservatives?

7. Discuss Carter's actions regarding Panama.

8. Discuss the Iran conflict. Do you agree with Carter's handling of the conflict? Why, why not?

9. Discuss Carter's actions regarding blacks, workers and the environment. Overall, do you think that Carter governed as a liberal, moderate or conservative? Explain your answer.

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