Friday, October 3, 2008

Bill of Rights Brilliant Solution Chap 2

School of the Future
Humanities, J. Copeland
Bill of Rights 1789-present

A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution
Chapter 2

Directions: Answer each question thoroughly. Include for each a quote(s) that helped you determine the answer.

1. Why does Berkin suggest that Philadelphia at first seemed like a “city of muffled curses?”
2. Why would George Washington’s participation in the convention be significant?
3. Why was Washington hesitant to participate?
4. What was the Society of the Cincinnati? Why might it be seen as anti-republican?
5. Why did the Convention commence later than expected?
6. How did Madison take advantage of the time he spent waiting?
7. Discuss Franklin’s feelings about the Articles of Confederation and the Confederation Congress.
8. Discuss Morris’s feelings about the Articles of Confederation and the Confederation Congress.
9. How were some delegates skeptical of Alexander Hamilton?
10. Which state declined to attend the Convention?
11. Who was elected the Convention’s presiding officer?
12. What was the inherent message in the states’ charges? Why might these charges have disturbed those who supported forging a strong national government?
13. Discuss the position taken by the state of Delaware. Do you think this position would impede or facilitate a smooth convention?

Vocabulary: demure, kindred, bellicose, hypochondriac, amend, buttress, loath, camaraderie, dereliction, quorum, venerable, septuagenarian, parlay, aphorism, avuncular, agile, foster, benevolent, meticulous, loquacious

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