Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Democratizing 20th Century America 10-28-08

Reading: Zinn- "A People's War?" -pgs 165-181
Directions: Read the aforementioned pages. Create a three column chart and label:

Column A: Term and its description (in your own words)

Column B: Direct Quote (provide a quote about the term)

Column C: Discussion (how does this connect to the Cold War or Civil Rights. What does Zinn want you to know/think about this term?)

a) Executive Order 9835
b) World Events regarding communism
c) Anti Colonialism in Africa
d) Joseph McCarthy
e) Anti-Communism in the U. S.
f) Internal Security Act
g) Julius/Ethel Rosenberg
h) House Un-American Activities Committee
j) U. S. military expenditures
k) Guatemala
l) Fidel Castro/ Bay of Pigs Invasion

There is a link to Zinn on the blog. If you do not have your hand out use the link to find the Chapter "A People's War." The page numbering may be different.

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ii_dd said...

Hi Mr.Copeland. This is Imani. Pgs 168-201 are not available for review on the website book review. please email me what I should do next being that I do not have the reading.