Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homework Due Wednesday, Nov 4

Democratizing 20th Century, Civil War and Reconstruction
Homework, Due Nov 4

a) Look at the requirement for your next essay, particularly the guiding questions.

b) Start thinking about a thesis for your essay; write down (this will be a working thesis and it will be refined later)

c) List possible arguments that can be used as your thesis. The thesis should have 2-3 arguments.

d) For each argument, write three medium length quotes from the texts that can be used as evidence.

e) For each quote, explain the connection between your quote and argument. (Be prepared to share with a partner and the class)

***I will not be in tomorrow. Civil War should continue watching Queen. Democratizing should fill out secondary source sheets (they are on my desk) for Who Built America? pg 216-229 I will check on Wednesday.

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