Thursday, October 29, 2009

Civil War and Reconstruction Response Essay-How Can Economic Conflict Lead to War

Unit 1 EQ: How Can Economic Conflict Lead to War?

Essay, Due Monday, November 23
**Please keep in mind that we will spend some class time working on this project, but we will move on to our next unit before the final paper is due. Use your time wisely.

For the past several weeks we have been watching "Queen" and reading documents that expore the issues of race, gender and class in the antebellum South. In your next assignment you will weave these pieces together to provide your own analysis and interpretation of the pre-Civil War South. You will have a choice between two response questions:

a) How did slavery the lives impact black women, particulary in their roles as mothers? How did slavery impact African American families? Do you think the legacy of slavery is still evident today in this context?

b) How did the economic system of the South impact whites? How did the institution of slavery impact social class and economic opportunities among Southern whites? How did class distinctions impact whites' perceptions of each other?

Your paper must contain eveidence obtained from the following sources:

a) "Slavery and the Growth of the South"
b) "The Nature of Female Slavery"
c) "The Peculiar Institution"**
d) "The Old South"**
e) "Drawing the Color Line", "Slavery Without Submission, Emancipation Without Freedom"**

**These are class refernce texts. You must use class time to read and annotate these texts. They cannot be brought home)

You should submit an essay that:

a) Contains a clear point of view and explicitly uses evidence to defend your thesis.

b) Demonstrates your your understanding of the antebellum culture and economic system.

c) Includes at least 8 quotes from the documents you received in class, including primary sources and statistic/numeric evidence.

d) References one of the characters from "Queen" as part of your discussion about slavery or social class; includes quotes from the film

e) Is nuanced. Evidence should be mixed and not all come from the same document. You should have more than one argument.

f) Demonstrates critical thinking; raises and answers questions.

g) Conforms to grammar standards.

i) Is interesting to read and well written.

h) Is 4-5 pages, typed, double-spaced 12 pt font

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