Friday, May 14, 2010

Democratizing Presentation

Tuesday, June 1 - Black Power Movement (both classes)
Wednesday, June 2 - Anti-War Movement (both classes)
Thursday, June 3 - Women's Liberation Movement (non-internship)
Friday, June 4 - Women's Liberation (internship), Latino/Native American (non-internship)

Monday, June 7 - Gay Lesbian Liberation Movement (internship) review (non-internship)
Tuesday, June 8 - Gay Lesbian Liberation Movement (non-internship)
Wednesday, June Lunch - Latino/Native American Liberation Movement

The objective of the presentation is to develop your understanding and interpretation of the assigned readings and films—and thus some of the forces that helped expand democracy and equality in 20th century America. Your presenation should respond to the following questions:

1. Why then? Why did the endeavor for this reform get underway when it did?
2. What gains were won? What gains were sought but not won?
3. If the reform was only partially achieved, what limited its attainment?

Your presenation must:

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