Monday, May 17, 2010

Democratizing Twentieth Century - Project Guidelines

Each group should be prepared to make a 20 minute presentation and host a Q & A for about ten minutes.

Your presentation should answer following questions:

1. Why then? Why did the endeavor for this reform get underway when it did?

2. What gains were won?

3. What gains were sought but not won?

4. If the reform was only partially achieved, what limited its attainment?

Your presentation must:

-Contain a thesis that answers the questions above, focusing on the "Why then?" aspect especially.

-Contains clear agruments (at least 2) that support the thesis.

-Contains at least 6 quotes from 4 of the documents in Goss.

-Contains at least 6 quotes from Zinn and Who Built America.

-Contains at least 3 quotes from an outside source.

-Demonstrate an understanding of the historical time period by making connections to the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement.

-Demonstrate an ability to use evidence to support a rational argument.

-Discuss at least one important person and one important organization that supported your movement.

-Discuss at least one person or organization that opposed your movement and discuss why.

-Be visually engaging, include images and possibly video to support your arguments

-Include evidence of understanding of your topic and U. S. history

-Include evidence that cooperative work was done within the group.

Remember to consider the presentation that Brandon and Neville made to the class. You want to model your work of off it.

Your personal papers should discuss more deeply one of the essential questions or some other aspect of the presentation that your found interesting. It should use at least 5 of the pieces of evidence from your presentation. It should be between 3-4 pages and thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar errors.

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