Monday, September 20, 2010

Democrazting Twentieth Century America Homework

Democracy and Equality for Women- The Right to Vote: Why Then?

Read Zinn pages 321-329
Answer the following questions. For each, provide a quote from the text that helped you determine your answer.
Each answer should consist of several complete sentences.
Below, you will find a list of vocabulary and definitions to assist you as you read.

1. Discuss Upton Sinclair's book The Jungle. Why do you think he wanted more government regulation of business? Why do you think such problems were new in the Twentieth Century?

2. Discuss the relationship between banks and railroads.

3. Discuss Taylorism. How were immigrants impacted by Taylorism? Why do you think some people call typical public high schools with bells and timed periods the "factory model"?

4. What happened at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company? Why do you think this led to increased calls for regulation of business?

5. Analyze the findings of the Commission on Industrial Relations, 1914. What would you have said next if you were Weinstock?

6. How did race impact the ability of workers to organize into unions?

obscure- not clear; hidden
exiled-to be banished (by your country)
commodities- economic goods
resolution- resolving
perforated- having a hole
commenced- to initiate, to begin
exclusion- to leave out
hobnobbed- to hang out with socially
anarchists- people who rebels against authority

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