Monday, February 21, 2011

Democratizing Break Homework

This is a lot of work. Pace yourself. I will start checking it on Monday. It is due no later than Tuesday.

Read Zinn 427-442

For each term do the following:

a) describe in your own words

b) write a quote from the text about the term

c) relate the term one of the following questions: 1) Why did the Civil Rights Movement get underway when it did? 2) How was WWII a "war to save capitalism?" 3) How did WWII affect workers and unions? 4) What role did the U. S. play in WWII and the post WWII world?

Korean War
Berlin Airlift
Increasing Nationalism in African Nations
Joseph McCarthy/McCarthyism **(two quotes)
Liberals and the Red Scare
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
House Un-American Activities Committee
U. S. Military Expenditures
Marshall Plan
John F Kennedy
Fidel Castro/Cuban Revolution

Read Packets (Chapter 21 & 22 - Fighting the Four Freedoms, Blacks in the Cold War Era)

a) Answer the following questions (you started these questions when I was out):

1. What do the authors suggest about the League of Nation?
2. Discuss Mussolini and the impact of his actions on African Americans.
3. Discuss Hitler and the impact of his actions on African Americans.
4. Which European nations were conquered by Hitler?
5. What % of teh army was black in 1940?
6. Discuss the role of blacks in thearmy in 1940/
7. Discuss the War Dept's attitude toward blacks in 1940. How did blacks react?
8. Identify: A. Philip Randolph
9. What gains were won by blacks in the early 1940s?
10. Why was the U. S. called an "Arsenal of Democracy"?
11. Discuss an instance of black heroism in the War.
12. What was the OPA? How did it impact the lives of blacks.
13. Discuss problems that arose as a result of changing demographics, i. e. Detroit
14. Why were some blacks resentful of Joe Louis?
15. How did the War Dept attempt to appease blacks?

**Spanish Civil War was a fight between Spanish Republicans (govt w/out a monarchy) and the Spanish Monarchists (those who wanted the king)

16. What was the purpose of the San Francisco Conference. Discuss blacks' attitudes about the San Francisco Conference. **3 quotes
17. How did blacks hope to use the U.N?
18. Discuss the gains blacks made via the Supreme Court.
19. Identify: "To Secure These Rights"
20. How did Harry Truman impact the status of blacks?
21. Provide 3 examples of evolution of black voting rights after WWII
22. Discuss NAAWP, White Citizens' Councils and interposition. How did these all impact African Americans?
23. In what ways did whites use violence to resist?
24. What is "white flight"? What caused it and how did imoact housing trends?
25. Discuss three gains blacks made regarding employment post WWII.

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