Monday, February 21, 2011

Politics and Government Break Homework

a)Read Supremes' Greatest Hits pg 35-58

b)You must complete an analysis for 10 of the following cases, either neatly written or typed. This is for your own benefit; you will be quizzed on these cases. Your summaries don't need to be terribly long, but they should demonstrate effort and understanding.

1. WVA Board of Education v. Barnette

2. Minersville v. Gobitis

3. Lemon v Kurtzman

4. Zelman v Simmons-Harris

5. Weeks v U. S.

6. Oregon v Smith

7. Powell v Alabama

8. Gideon v Wainright

9. Miranda v Arizona

10. Mapp v Ohio

11. Furman v Georgia

12. Gregg v Georgia

13. Bowers v Hardwick
Each case analysis should:

-include facts of case
-state constitutional question
-mention any legals rules that were developed as a result of the ruling
-include discussion of majority opinion
-address dissenting opinion if available
-include a reflection and your opinion

These cases can easily be found on the internet, but you may not quote from Wikipedia. Please be prepared to be randomly called upon to present a case to class.

You might want to try these sites:

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