Monday, December 12, 2011

Argument construction, Using two sources in one paragraph

Claim: The Founding Fathers sought to create a government that protected property rights and individuals of wealth more than civil liberties and common people.


• A major focus of the Philadelphia convention was to improve the commercial and economic climate amongst the states by strengthening the Articles of Confederation.

The framers of the Constitution were alarmed by the democratic elements of the assemblies in the individual states. Some states pushed for reforms that reduced the economic power wielded by the ruling class. Historian Gordon Wood sympathizes with the elites in his essay How Democratic is the Constitution, describing such reforms as “unjust, [because they] included paper money acts, stay laws, and other forms of debtor relief legislation [that] hurt individual creditor groups in the society and violated individual property rights.” Moreover, of the fifty-five men who attended the Philadelphia convention, most were men of wealth and half had money loaned out at interest.

1 - Background and Context

2 - Introduction of quote

3 - Quote

4 - Analysis or additional related/supporting evidence

- Quote analysis sentence starters:

- Therefore, it can be argued that,

- In other words this quote suggests that,

- In a sense these authors are saying

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