Friday, March 30, 2012

Democratizing Twentieth Century Break Assignment - Due Mon, Apr 17

1) Read Zinn 485-501, identify the following terms, proving a quote and summary for each. Moreover, explain how the term connects to the EQ: Why did the Anti-War Movement get underway when it did?

Ray Kroll
Anti-War Movement
Kent State/Jackson State
Moratorium Day Demonstrations
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Sam Choy
Ron Kovic
April, 1975
War Powers Resolution

2) Read Zinn Chapter 19 - "Surprises". Take notes. Notes will be graded on a 4 pt scale. Notes should show evidence of use of nonfiction text note-taking strategies:

- chunked summaries with titles
- important people
- important events
- important businesses, agencies, organizations and institutions
- numerical/statistical data
- connections to EQ (The New Left - Why Then), connections to other texts/films, show how the movements connect to each other

3) a - Read Gosse 35-38
b - The Feminine Mistique (pg 68-72); complete a primary source analysis
c- Black Panther Party for Self Defense (pg 103-106); complete a primary source analysis
d - No More Miss America! (pg 124-127); complete a primary source analysis
e - Young Lords Party, 13 Point Platform (134-137); complete a primary source analysis
f - Indians of All Tribes (145-148); complete a primary source analysis

4) Read Article: Who We Are Now
a - annotate, take notes
b- answer the following questions:

Why did the author start an article about Obama with a quote from Lyndon B. Johnson?

Some argue that America is like a mixed salad rather than a melting pot. What do you think they mean, what are your views and opinions on the diversification and desegregation of America today? Has it gotten better or worse since the inauguration of Obama?

What are your feelings on the “majority-minority” country speculations?

Do you think, as a country, we are more or less accepting of immigrants since LBJ’s speech?

Does the Obama administration take into consideration the choices of former politicians when crafting today’s legislation?

Why is there a connection between age and political ideologies/agendas?

Looking at the statistics, how well has Obama lived up to the country’s expectations?

How does immigration affect your lives? Think beyond the obvious. How might your world be different in terms of racial diversity in 5 years time? How might the country adjust to a more diverse population? Are we becoming more or less intolerant of foreign cultures? (Think outside of NYC! There’s a reason we’re one of the most diverse metropolises in the world. Think about places like southern and middle America) – think economically, socially, and politically.

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