Monday, April 16, 2012

Poly Govt Classwork pt 1

Copy into notebook:

I. Lincoln Douglass Values Debate

A) Values: The morally guiding principle upon which your argument is based. The reason why you argue what you argue.

1. Each team should have 2-3 values; each value should be clearly defined in speech.
2. Sample values: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Equality, Personal Liberty, Equal Opportunity

B) Argument: A reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.

1. Each value should be supported by 1-2 arguments.
2. Sample argument: The use of race as a criteria for college admissions impedes racial progress by discouraging colorblindness and individualism.

C) Evidence: The constitutional, legal, statistical and anecdotal information used to support your team's position

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