Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Democratizing Twentieth Century Homework - Due Friday, Feb 8

Use the Fighting the Four Freedoms packet to answer the questions:

1 - What do the authors (Franklin and Moss) suggest about the League of Nations?

2 - Discuss Mussolini and his impact on African Americans.

3 - Discuss Hitler and his impact on African Americans.

4 - What % of the army was black in 1940?

5 - Discuss the role of blacks in the army in 1940.

6 - Discuss the War Dept's policy in 1940 and blacks reaction to it.

7 - What gains were made by blacks during the early 1940s.

8 - What was the FEPC and why was is significant?

9 - Make a chart labeled: Blacks in the armed services 1944

10 - What gains were won by black men and women in the armed forces?

11 - What gains were won by blacks in officer training?

12 - Discuss the role of Blacks on the European front.

13 - Do you think the integration of platoons was a success?  Explain.

14 - Discuss "black heroism" during the war and medals of honor.

15 - Discuss the OPA.  How did it impact the lives of blacks?

16 - Discuss changing demographics in cities, i.e. Detriot.

17 - Why were some blacks resentful of Joe Louis?

18 - Discuss the UN and its impact on African Americans.

Provide 2-3 pieces of evidence to support this claim:

African Americans began to see themselves as part of an international anti-colonial/anti-oppression movement post WWII.

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