Saturday, March 16, 2013

Politics and Government Debate Groupings

The debates will be the week of April 15.

If you have any issues please see me.

The death penalty is a necessary component of our justice system. 
Affirmative:  Sebastian B., Pume, Dmitry R.          
Negative: Emily C., Nija H., Robert S.
Affirmative:  Christopher C., Brandon L., Christian R.  
Negative: Jordan J., Gemma D., James M.

The right to bear arms is an essential component of ordered liberty.
Affirmative: Lucas C, Brian C., Ian M.                      
Negative: Sophia A., Dylan P., Najzali A.

Affirmative: Robert W., Lila A., Jesus B.                  
Negative: Demetri G, Dylan D., Grace K.

Eminent domain should be invoked to encourage private development of economically disadvantaged communities. 
Affirmative: Tyler E., Myles G., Jason C.                                 
Negative: Lina G., Matthew C., Aaron C. 
Affirmative: Ben V., Nico B., Christian B.                                
Negative: David J., Steven M., Andrew M.-

"Under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance and "In God we trust” on our currency are offensive to the first amendment. 
Affirmative: Diego R., Jason J., Patrick M                               
 Negative: John C., Michael P., Jason  L.-

Government should improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged students by facilitating access to parochial schools.

Affirmative: Nisha T. Vera S. Rosa D         
Negative: Cheyenne L., Chloe L., Patty T., Camille C.

If you want to work out any changes in groups amongst yourselves, see me first please.  And if a pairing wants to change resolutions this is another options:

Mandatory drug testing for welfare applicants is excessive. 


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