Monday, March 11, 2013

Politics and Government Homework - Due Tues, March 12

Read Roper v. Simmons and prepare an opinion analysis.  Please remember that you should include sufficient evidence from the opinion to support your claims in your analysis.  Lack of sufficient evidence will result in a zero. 

**For students who have Politics third period, please remember we will have visitors tomorrow.  You always have very impressive class discussions, but please remember to bring your A game tomorrow.  Please have discussion questions prepared.  You should also be prepared to talk across texts.  Consider how this case relates to other death penalty cases we've looked at, as well as the essential question.  Please bring your other cases and opinion analysis so you can have them in front of you to provide evidence.  If you have not done Atkins v. Virginia, please do it tonight!!!!!

If anyone is interested in facilitating, please email me:  We can have two facilitators for tomorrow. 


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