Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due Thursday, May 29

You will need to present to me an outline of your presentation Thursday, May 29.  Your outline should be digital, preferably in a Google doc.  It should include:

1 - An introduction that includes (should last 3 minutes or so): 
  • Background and context, a short summary of what the course is about, summary of the project assignment, and an explanation/breakdown of the research questions.  Make sure everyone introduces himself/herself.
2 - An historical overview, a synopsis of the historical time period (should last 4-5 minutes)

3 - At least 3 slides per group member in order to fulfill your tasks, including specific answers to your research question.  Please do not attempt to answer your question with one slide.  
  • Slides should include: a title, your claim (in smaller font on top of every slide), text in the form of quotes, a graph, and/or image.  
  • Each slide should be supported by a personal index card that lists talking points/and or analysis.  Do not use full sentences on your slide, put it on your index card. 
4 - Remember, your presentation should include varied and specific evidence from all the sources, both primary and secondary sources.  

5 - Remember, your presentation should include music and imagery that helps to contextualize the time period.  

6 - Remember, your presentation should be interactive and interesting.  Nothing is worse than an unrehearsed presentation in which everyone speaks in a monotone and unenthusiastic manner.  You may consider scripting out part of your presentation in order to stay organized.  

Each group will present this outline to me on Thursday for credit.  This credit will be part of your project/writing grade and NOT your homework grade.  If this work is incomplete, it will negatively impact your grade for the semester.  


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