Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Debates will be held Monday, May 11. You will have some class time, but we will be starting a new unit soon. You will have to meet and work with your group outside of class.

The death penalty is consistent with our constitution.

Round 1

Affirmative: Isiah, Liam, Zoltan
Negative: Tabatha, Alena, Gabby

Round 2 

Affirmative: Andrea, Kaya, Kenneth
Negative: Summer, Osvaldo, Madison

The right to bear arms is an essential component of ordered liberty.

Affirmative: Sam, Quinn, Giancarlo
Negative: Ella, Sara, Sophia

Government should improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged students by providing vouchers to attend private and parochial schools.

Affirmative: Jasmine, Ming, Carmen, Nhajee
Negative: Lisa, John, David, Anthony

That religious dress and symbols should be banned in public schools.

Affirmative: Fergus, Radhimir, Shahriyar
Negative: Karisa, Kasey, Stela

If your name is not part of a debate pairing you have been assigned an alternative essay. You may select one of the resolutions as your focus.

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