Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Democratizing Twentieth Century America - Homework - Due Wed, April 22

Read Zinn pg 485 - 502

1 - Discuss opposition to the war and draft. How did people demonstrate/voice their opposition. Discuss the impact of the Civil Rights Movement.

2 - Discuss the expansion/proliferation of the Antiwar Movement. Why/how did opposition to the war begin to transcend class and religious barriers?

3 - Identify: Pentagon Papers

4 - Identify: Catonsville Nine

5 - Primary Source Analysis: Mary Moylan letter, pg 489

6 - Discuss the antiwar activism of students. In what ways did student activism shape public opinion regarding the protests.

7 - Discuss the Gallup polling data regarding public opinion and the war.

8 - How were race, income, education and gender linked to attitudes about he war.

9 - Discuss opposition to the war within the military.

10 - Identify: Sam Choy

11 - How did the invasion of Cambodia and Laos impact attitudes about the war? Discuss Nixon's management of the war.

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