Sunday, April 4, 2010

Democratizing Break Work

Hey folks,

I hope everyone enjoyed his or her break. As you know, I am in Egypt next week. I have left a list of terms for you to identify with the sub. The terms are based on the introduction from Goss's "Movements of the New Left." You MUST complete the reading and terms by the time I get back. No excuses will be accepted.

If you haven't read the introduction yet, please do so. Identify the terms NEATLY in your notebooks and I will check them when I get back. This reading is crucial; you must reference it in your final paper/presentation.

If you finish early (I doubt you will) please finish Zinn's "Or Does it Explode."

You all will have had virtually two weeks off from school, and you may not play around when I am out. I will be quite disappointed if my room is trashed and none of you have completed the work when I get back. Incomplete assignments will be counted as a ZERO test grade.

See you soon. Miss ya!

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