Sunday, April 4, 2010

Civil War Break Work

Hey folks,

As you know, I am in Egypt this week. I need you to work on some things while I am gone. It is very important that you do this work, if it is incomplete it will be averaged in as a ZERO for your final report card.

1) You MUST finish your films. They are due on April 13 and there are absolutely no exceptions.

2) Look over the the submission requirements for your group's project. Please make sure that your group's folder contains ALL of the requied materials. Anything missing will negatively impact your grade.

3) Using 3 quotes from each of the two Lincoln readings (Lincoln and Abolitionists/Natural, Citizenship and States' Rights), answer the EQ for the unit: Did Lincoln Fight the War to Free the Slaves or Preserve the Union? This should be typed, double spaced and about 3 pages. Work on this in class and type at home. Your paper should have at least 2 arguments and directly quote Lincoln at least twice.

4) If you finidh early, Read Zinn, "Slavery Without Submission, Emancipation without Freedom" Select any ten quotes and discuss their significance. Our last unit will be on Reconstruction and this chapter sets a nice context.

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