Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Civil War/Recon
Zinn pg 195-210
Identify each term. Consider what Zinn wants you to know, think believe. How does the term connect to the question, "(Why) did Reconstruction fail in the South?
Dr. John Rock
South Carolina Sea Islands
Special Field Order 15
Andrew Johnson
13th, 14th, 15th amendments
Radical Republican Legislation
Andrew Johnson
Election of 1868, numeric breakdown, significance of Negro vote, blacks in congress
Sojouner Truth
Ku Klu Klan
Supreme Court
Election of 1876
Restoration of White Supremacy
Economic changes
Democratizing 20th Century
Zinn pgs 193-206, 452-464
1. Why was the use of Christian themes significant? Discuss.
2. Identify: Robert Williams

3. Greensboro North Carolina

4. Discuss the actions taken by CORE and SNCC to register black voters. Include a quote for each.

5. Identify: Missippi Summer
6. Identify: Malcomn X
7. Discuss the economic differences between blacks and whites. Include numeric data.
8. Select and discuss one quote that illustrates the use of "massive resistance."
9. Discuss Lynodon Johnson and the legislation he signed into law.

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