Sunday, October 31, 2010

Democratizing 20th Century Review Sheet

Make sure you know about each term. Some of the list may be repeated as I copied and pasted this from several documents.

Required Readings: Zinn, Industrializing America, Battle for Suffrage

Espionage Act
American Protective League
Green Corn Rebellion
Jeanette Rankin
Kate Richards O'Hare
IWW Trials
Palmer Raids
Sacco and Vanzetti
Seneca Falls Convention
women's education/college
Grover Cleveland
Anna Garlin Spencer
Carrie Chapmann Catt
Alice Paul
Woodrow Wilson/Women's Suffrage
Woodrow Wilson/WWI
Fourteen Points
Nineteenth Amendment
IWW (I know you did this term before, you must do it again)
free speech fights
The Preacher and the Slave
Joe Hill
Lawrence, MA (I expect a detailed discussion of these events)**
difference between the AFL and IWW
"One Big Union"
Rules for Female Teachers
Mark Twain
Upton Sinclair
J. P. Morgan, J. D. Rockefeller
Immigration and the Labor Force
Triangle Shirtwaist Company
International Ladies Garment Workers
Samuel Gompers
Big Bill Heywood
mainstream reason cited for U.S. entry into WWI
2. unrestricted submarine warfare
3. Monroe Doctrine
4. Panama Canal
5. Spanish American War
6. The Jungle
7. 19th amendment

People to know:
1. Alice Paul
2. Woodrow Wilson
3. Upton Sinclair
4. Jane Addams
5. Mary Harris
6. William McKinley
7. Mother Mary Jones
8. Ida Tarbell
9. Kate Richards O’Hare
10. J. P. Morgan
11. Andrew Carnegie
12. Eugene Debbs
13. Samuel Gompers
14. Carrie Chapman Catt
15. Emma Goldman
16. Helen Keller
17. Mary Elizabeth Lease

Terms/Concepts to know and understand:

1. muckraker
2. Silent Sentinel
3. Marxist
4. scab labor
5. collective bargaining
6. imperialism
7. Taylorism
8. Reformist Motherhood
9. Political Motherhood
10. Republican Mothers
11. Socialist Woman

Organizations to know:
2. AFL
3. WP
4. IWW

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